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Mazda iActivsense


What is i-Activsense? A Look at Mazda's Groundbreaking Safety Technology

At Koons Mazda of Silver Spring, we know that incredible style and class-leading performance power aren't always at the forefront of the minds of drivers from in and around Arlington. Our clients prioritize safety- not just for themselves and their passengers, but everyone on the road. That's why we've taken the time to explain some of the wonderful active and passive safety features you'll find in Mazda i-Activsense- the brands umbrella term for their series of new safety advancements.

Accident Prevention
iActivesense includes rear vehicle monitoring, a lane departure warning system and forward on-coming warnings by alerting you of approaching drivers from every direction, and by sounding an alarm when there is a risk for a collision.

Pre-Collision Safety
Mazda's Smart City Brake Support is designed to reduce the risk of accidents by helping you avoid frontal collisions at slow speeds by automatically applying brakes and reducing engine output in certain conditions.

While no system is a substitute for safe driving- and no system can successfully prevent all accidents - Mazda engineers strive to incorporate their latest developments in safety technologies in i-Activsense-paired vehicles as an extra ally for Mazda drivers to prevent accidents from occurring and protect you in the event one can't be avoided.

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